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Fueling your potential, nourishing your journey

Our Services

Optimal Weight Management

If you’re looking to manage your weight in a safe manner, our team is well-poised to partner you on this journey. Let us provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to sustain optimal weight and body composition.

Chronic Disease Nutrition Therapy

We provide well-rounded nutrition therapy for chronic diseases such as high blood sugar levels (Type 2 diabetes), hypertension and hyperlipidaemia. It is our belief that individuals with chronic diseases can live healthy and fulfilling lives.

Nutrition-Related Concerns

Have just one burning nutrition-related question to ask? If you have no time for a full consultation and would like to know if a certain favourite food is ideal for you considering your health needs, ask away!

Complimentary Strategy Session

We understand how hard it is to take the first step. Let us make it easier for you with this initial session in a safe environment of trust. All are welcome.

Emotional Eating

If you are experiencing an urge to eat as a coping mechanism, let us work with you to shift perspectives and build new habits. 

Recipe Modification

Love a specific dish but need to make it compatible with your health needs? Share your concerns with us! We will modify your recipe so you can balance your wants and needs.

Before Weight Loss Surgery *

Let us help you reduce risk of post-surgical complications and achieve your optimal weight loss goals. Our expertise in bariatric surgery nutrition will ensure your success.

After Weight Loss Surgery *

Through nutrition therapy, we optimize your post surgery weight management goals and help you establish long term habits for a brighter future.

*Types of weight loss surgery include: Gastric balloon, gastric banding, sleeve gastrectomy or Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery.

Clinical Case Consultations

We offer consultation for industry peers who might need extra support or a second perspective. Reach out if you would like to partner us behind the scenes as you serve your patients.

Are you looking to support a loved one on their health transformation? We’ll make it happen.