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Leave it & live it: online weight transformation masterclass

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Leave it & live it: online weight transformation masterclass

Carl Jung, the founder of analytical psychology, once said, “The shoes that fits one person pinches another, there is no universal recipe for living”.

And so here we have created a weight transformation masterclass designed to crack the code to what works best for you. It is based on the understanding that each person’s health journey is unique.

Who is it for?

This Masterclass is designed for:

  • Males and females
  • Aged 18 and over
  • Struggling to lose and keep off excess body weight

The sessions are conducted by weight management specialist – Dr. Fathimath Naseer.

What will it offer?

The masterclass aims to help you lose excess body weight and includes the following topics in digestible doses:

  • Calories – to count or not to count?
  • Latest evidence on weight loss nutrition 101
  • Deep dive into the food brain
  • The future of grocery shopping
  • The truth about sugar substitutes
  • Are multivitamins more than nutrient gap fillers?
  • How to hydrate well and its role in weight management
  • Mind the moment: does it fall short?
  • Learn to be a recipe and food swapping wizard
  • Eating for gut microbes – how is it linked to weight?
  • Creative motivation hacks and why is this important?

When will it be?

  • Two batches: Early 2023 and Mid 2023
  • Actual dates confirmed nearer to masterclass commencement
  • Time investment: 1-1.5 hour every weekend (Saturday) for 8 weeks in total

Where will it be?

  • At the comfort of your own home : online via Zoom
  • Recorded sessions are available too

We look forward to welcoming you and going on this journey together!

Please register your interest for our online weight transformation masterclass by dropping an email to

Supporting your health journey,

Team Empower & Shift

No content on this website should be used as a substitute for direct and individualised medical advice from a doctor or registered dietitian.

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