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Abigail, 26 – Entrepreneur

After the sessions, I feel hopeful and exceptionally motivated. Dietitian Fathimath believed in me and soon enough, I believed in myself and was able to achieve my weight loss target under her guidance.


Having spent time with many different nutritionists, weight loss coaches, slimming centres and dieticians – I can attest to dietician Fathimath’s unique skills and approach to weight loss and motivation without hesitation. I am more confident now and I enjoy travelling now because it is not uncomfortable on aeroplanes and buses anymore!

Alice, 37 – Quality Control Manager

I walked into her clinic weighing 95kg and as of today (June 2022), I weight 72kg. I am so thankful for dietitian Fathimath’s knowledge and amazing motivation skills. Thank you for helping to keep me on track.


I feel fully equipped and confident to manage my weight now even though I have completed the program! THANK YOU.

Anchal, 29 – Event Coordinator

I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and hypertension and my doctor told me to lose weight. At first, I tried to do it on my own for about 5 months without success.


I was lucky to see Dietitian Fathimath who helped me achieve 7 kg weight loss in 3.5 months. Both myself and my doctor are very pleased with my new sugar test results and blood pressure reading.  Dietitian Fathimath took time to understand me and why I was gaining weight before providing information and tools that I could easily integrate into my busy lifestyle. I am very grateful!

Aude, 34 – Marketing Consultant

The sessions were therapeutic for me. Dietician Fathimath is such a caring and genuine person. Most importantly, I feel her sessions are unique and covers more than just diet advice. I had a better understanding of myself and why I was gaining weight!


I thank you for the life changing sessions, I loved everything about it! I am going for my first marathon next week, and I know I could not have reached this far without your help!

Biswashree, 43 – Doctor

I was asking my patients to lose weight but I was struggling to lose my own weight because of my busy work schedule seeing patients and my erratic eating pattern. I was initially reluctant to get help because I thought I knew enough about nutrition to lose weight. However , when I started experiencing knee pain and shortness of breath with physical exertion I knew I needed professional help.


I enjoyed seeing Dietitian Fathimath because she exudes humility despite her great knowledge and ability to explain complex things in a simple manner. I learnt a great deal from her and most of all, I realised it is not only about nutrition knowledge ! I have learnt so much more and appreciate the support and kindness. I feel lighter yet stronger and fitter now and cannot be happier.

Bonnie, 35 – Senior Patient Service Associate

I am pleased to know Dietitian Fathimath since 2014 when we were working in the hospital together. She used to see patients in our Weight Management Clinic/ Bariatric Clinic. She was very friendly with patients and her patients loved her and her assistance during their weight loss journey.


I also had the privilege of seeing her for weight loss in 2015. I started at 66kg and lost 5kg during the programme. Even though my initial weight loss was not big and not quite stable,  I was happy that she patiently continued to guide me and “held my hands” along the journey. After the programme ended, I remembered everything she has taught me and  continued doing the diet and exercise plan. In 2 years, my weight was 52kg and maintaining well around this figure. It was a big change to me and I don’t suffer any ankle pain even when I walk a lot.


Thanks a lot Fathimath. You are like my mentor at that time but friend to me forever.

Cindy Ong, 29 – Accountant

Dietitian Fathimath is very welcoming and engaging. She shows utmost concern and good positive attitude towards her work. Very knowledgeable and professional.


The consultation she advice is excellent and the explanation of dietary modifications are very clear. I am happy with my weight loss results. Thank you so much!

Fabian A, 35 – Private Tutor & Business Owner

Dietitian Fathimath has the knack of making people feel welcome and comfortable. She is thorough and clear in her explanation. She is patient and shows genuine concern for her clients which helped me through this weight loss journey. She makes a great dietitian.

Germaine, 24 – Medical Technologist

I am really happy to write this review for Dietitian Fathimath because she played a major role in changing my life for the better! Sessions with her are more than nutrition advice as she helped me to gain a new perspective on life and focus on what is important.


I have lost weight but gained life and confidence! Thank you for listening and guiding me. I am very lucky to have met you!

Hidayat, 34 – Registered Nurse

I was seen by Dietitian Fathimath when I had my bariatric surgery back in year 2010.  I was looking forward to losing weight and getting healthier the right way. At first I was skeptical on the process as I weighed 120kg. However I was truly blessed to have such a patient and awesome dietician. She not only understood my needs but also addressed my doubts.


She was one of the factors that motivated me to continue in my weight loss journey. I was able to ask for advice and also understood her diet plans for me clearly. I could not lose this much if not for the dedication and sincerity Dietitian Fathimath has shown me throughout my journey. I am able to achieve so many things on my bucket list when I lost all the excess weight. 


Thank you for making me enjoy life more now with the healthier me.

Masrenda, 52 – Massage Therapist

Fathimath is a very supportive and motivating bariatric dietician. She made the whole experience seamless and very educating for me as well. When I joined her Weight Management Program, I lost 8kg with her guidance.


She taught me about calories deficit, how to ensure my diet is healthy and also explained to me why my weight was stagnant initially. I would recommend her program to everyone who wants to lose weight and be healthy.

Pei Shan, 30s – Registered Nurse, NUH

Weight loss has always been a complex process for me, mainly from a psychological point of view. During 2015 to 2016, I participated in a weight loss programme and undergone transformation. Dietitian Fathimath was helping me with my struggles.


Fathimath is an excellent dietitian and amazing person. She believed in me and helped me believe in myself. I have no words to thank her for being next to me, not only as a dietitian but also as a friend and psychologist!

She is an exquisite professional, exceptionally qualified and skilled, with fresh ideas and suggestions for a healthy balanced diet.


Fathimath managed to tailor my diet plan to my unique needs and lifestyle, without feeling deprived and making the whole process much easier! She is highly recommended, and I will gladly continue to see an enthusiastic dietitan like her.

Rundell, 47 – Chef

I found dietitian Fathimath to be extremely knowledgeable, kind and non-judgmental through all our sessions! This is very important for me, as I need to feel comfortable to stay focused and do my best. I lost 12kg.


The diet information was delivered clearly, and I appreciate her taking time to check my understanding and how I am feeling. Thank you Fathimath. You are doing amazing work!

Thida, 35 – Research Assistant

Thanks to dietitian Fathimath’s clear, motivating and confident advice, I managed to lose the most amount of weight in my whole life. I was 70kg at the beginning of the program and left with 62kg.


I feel healthier and I am very happy with the results as well as the essential knowledge about healthy eating and physical activity that I gained through the program. It also helps that dietitian Fathimath is easy to talk to, caring and understands her clients’ needs well. Thank you!

We value the confidentiality of all our clients. The messages shared on this page were posted with their explicit consent.

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